10 years in Aman Setu

I complete 10 years with a wonderful school this year, Aman Setu My School. So, I’d like to share a little about my experiences.

Things I love about our school campus

i. There is something in the school campus that makes me feel special.

ii. The way the classes are conducted, using different kinds of equipment is wonderful and engaging. Say, we were learning geometry the teacher would actually walk into class with an enlarged, wooden version of a geometry kit in which she would insert chalk and make the figures on the blackboard.

iii. The number of children in one class is about 20-25 so we have a really tight bond in the class. Say one child forgot his homework at home and gets a scolding from a teacher we all are glum for the rest of the day and one of us gets good marks in a test we all celebrate together.

iv. We had many different structures. There was a kind of amphitheatre which we call ‘kaleidoscope’, there also were a few rooms made of mud and in the shape of a rockets top which we called ‘rocket room’.

The Kaleidoscope

v. We have different pets on campus like kittens, pups and even a cow.

Things I love about our teachers.

i. We call our teachers ‘didi’ instead of mam or miss.

ii. The relation with our teachers is of the likes of an aunt and her niece’s. We can share everything with them and contact them for even the smallest doubt.

iii. They make us feel loved and cared for, I can say just the way our mothers make us feel.

iv. And most important of all, they put in the utmost efforts to make us understand a concept. And we can always see that in their assignments and teaching methods.

v. I’d say our teachers are something like our friends. We joke with them in class, even play games at times.

Online schooling

We have been through one year of online schooling.

i. Last June we were uncertain about how would be having school but as time went by we adjusted wonderfully thanks to our amazing didis.

ii. The didis found innovative methods to keep us engaged in online class. Like quizzes, videos, activities and much more.

iii. Our didis created the classroom-like atmosphere in the virtual world.

Hey there! I’m Stuti. I live in India. I love books, playing the keyboard and dgembé and birds. I love my school as well.